Can leftover pickle oil be used to make food?

Can leftover pickle oil be used to make food?


Instead of throwing out the jar once the pickle is over, you can put it to good use and give your everyday meals an ‘achaari’ twist. The oil left behind still encompasses all the nutrients and flavours, and it would be a waste to just throw it away. If you are feeling experimental you must try some new and quirky recipes that can make any regular dish more flavourful. 

The leftover oil can be used in making salad dressings that will give you the perfect tangy element to have along with your favourite veggies. Another way you can use the leftover oil is by making sharbats and other cool beverages on a hot day. Make sure to properly balance it out with other spices to get the perfect sweet-sour taste that you crave so much during the summertime. 

If you have guests over and are confused what snacks to serve them, you can prepare a tikka masala or a paneer tikka using a marinade made with leftover pickle oil. This unique new element will give your regular dish a new look and feel, and your party will be a guaranteed success! 

Who knew achaar could be so delicious even after it was over?

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