How are pickles preserved?

How are pickles preserved? 


At MOLO, we have used 100% natural preservatives, with absolutely no artificial additives. Our ingredients are homegrown and handpicked, each element carefully curated to ensure the quality and taste of our heirloom pickles. The ingredients are naturally able to balance each other out, and while the unique blend of spices and vegetables make the most delicious bottles of pickles, they are also completely self-sufficient. 

Elements used in the mix act as natural preservatives – mustard oil, fenugreek, and fennel seeds. Mustard oil is the best oil used in the making of pickles because it not only preserves the natural flavour palette of every ingredient but also prevents the growth of any bacteria, fungi, or virus thanks to its antimicrobial nature. 

Usually, artificial preservatives such as sodium benzoate and iodide are used in prolonging the shelf life of pickles; however, since we strive to replicate the absolute authentic recipes of our mothers and grandmothers, we decided to do it the natural way, just like they did! 

Make sure to keep your jar of pickle stored in a cool, dry place, or refrigerated to ensure its maximum shelf life, and you won’t have to worry about your achaars getting spoiled any time soon! 

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