Which jar is good to store pickles?

Which jar is good to store pickles?


Pickles are loaded with natural preservatives, so you don’t have to worry about them getting spoilt soon. However, using the wrong jars to store pickles can affect the composition and taste of the pickles; in fact, using plastic containers is probably the worst thing you can do! 

So, what kind of jars should you prefer? If you want maximum shelf-life for your pickles, make sure to use air-tight glass jars to ensure it doesn’t rot. Glass keeps pickles fresher for a longer time as compared to other products, and since it is a non-porous substance, it doesn’t stain, and cleaning becomes very simple. 

Moreover, the surface of glass does not contain any toxic elements; this means that the quality and nutritional level of the pickles remains the same without any tampering. 

Also make sure to store your containers in a cool, dry place and use a tight plastic lid to prevent any air from getting out. 

Glass jars are easily available and simple to reuse. Not only do they help keep food fresher for longer periods of time, but by switching to more eco-friendly options from plastic containers, we are taking a sustainable approach to the art of pickle-making and pickle-eating! 

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