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What is the one thing that can instantly transport you back home despite being thousands of miles away? Is it going through photo albums, listening to nostalgic music, or is it a smell that jogs an old memory you didn’t realize you had? The easiest way to take you back to the simpler times is home cooked meals, made with fresh and local ingredients, oozing love and comfort, just like Ma used to make.

Contrary to popular belief, fond memories aren’t always associated with sweet things- sometimes, it takes a bitter, more bold relish to leave a mark impactful enough to evoke an emotion even years later. My Sasu Maa’s pickle did just that: it fabricated an experience. And now with MOLO, everyone far and wide can taste the powerful, almost fearless flavours of this achaar, anywhere, at any time of year!

What makes Karela ka Achaar so special? How do the distinctive spices come together to make this unique blend that despite being in the family for generations, never gets old? The magic lies in the ingredients: made with carefully curated handpicked vegetables and spices, this seasoned goodness takes just one tiny little dollop on your plate to tie and bring together all the components of the meal.

The fresh bitter gourd along with the teekha, piquant essence of mustard oil and Kalaunji creates a harmony of flavours, that just like the old times, helps you cherish and relish every spoonful of ghar ka khaana.


Is Karela Pickle good for you?

This amalgamation of vegetables and aromatic spices is the perfect blend of delectable, luscious, and healthy. Personally, we think you should include this in your diet just because it’s so delicious! But if you need another reason to make this a part of your everyday meals, the numerous health benefits it offers are a great incentive. Here are the grounds based on which Karela ka achaar is known a great diet balancer:

Maintains blood sugar levels

Bitter gourd comprises a polypeptide-P, a plant-insulin which ensures that the sugar levels in the blood are at a normal level. For centuries, it has been used as an anti-diabetic for this purpose

Improves digestive system health

If you’re prone to digestion problems, karele ka achaar is a good natural way to soothe the digestive tract and prevent irritations and ailments such as constipation and diarrhoea

Has plenty of antioxidants

Loaded with antioxidants, bitter gourd pickle prevents cell damage and also helps in removing toxins from the liver. Extensive research is also being conducted to prove the cancer-combating power of the ingredient

Promotes cardiovascular health

It is rich in potassium, calcium, as well as magnesium, which not only lowers blood pressure levels, but also in lowering cholesterol, thereby promoting cardiovascular health

How is Karela Pickle made?

There’s no denying that it’s the calibre of the ingredients that truly make a dish. And at MOLO, there is never a compromise on the quality; that’s why we pride ourselves on the fact that every jar of our achaar doesn’t only promise deliciousness, but also health benefits that you didn’t even realize! Here are some of the advantages of the main ingredients that are used:

Karela (Bitter Gourd)

Let’s be honest- karela isn’t a fan favourite among Indians, and especially not karela juice. However, the advantages of it to your body are indisputable; so the best, most delicious way to include this veggie in your diet is through karele ka achaar. Bitter gourd is packed with essential nutrients such as zinc, potassium, and iron. Not only does it help in reducing blood sugar, but also helps in regulating cholesterol levels to support normal cardiovascular functioning.


Also known as black cumin, kalaunji has been used traditionally for a number of reasons including treatment of diabetes and heart-related ailments, thanks to the ability of decreasing levels of a specific protein that is responsible for inflammation. It is also suggested that combining kalaunji with a low calorie diet can aid in weight loss

Fennel Seeds

This ingredient is one of the best ways to promote good digestive health. Firstly, it is a rich source of fiber, which is highly recommended in the diets for those who suffer from constipation frequently. Fennel seeds are also known to soothe abdominal muscles, so any cramping or discomfort can be settled naturally without having to consume pills or tablets

Mustard Oil

This is not uncommon to Indian cuisine. Mustard oil is used as a cooking oil for its hearty benefits such as improving circulation, lowering bad cholesterol, and also comprising alpha-linolenic acid that is associated with a lower IHD (Ischemic Heart Disease) risk as compared to other cooking oils. Mustard oil also cleanses the toxins in the digestive system which promotes gastrointestinal health


We have all heard of asafoetida, but do we know all its benefits? Firstly, heeng combats potential damage to your cells because of its high antioxidant content. Secondly, it is anti-inflammatory, so it is probably one of the best cures out there for acidity, bloating, and diarrhoea

What do you eat Ambaar Pickle with?

It is claimed that Karela ka Achaar requires a mature palate and it is an acquired taste. But as is the case with any condiment, all it requires is a dish that can be perfectly balanced out by the rich, punchy flavours of the bitter gourd. Basically, you need a good combination.

Here are some things you can pair it with, that will not only allow you to enjoy the pickle, but will also enhance the flavours of your entire meal:

Curd Rice

This pickle is normally had with simple, easy-to-make food, which enables it to highlight the usually unrecognized elements. The striking and pronounced flavour of the bitter gourd goes perfectly with the subtle palate of hot rice bedded under the cool curd, to give a whole new profile to a regular recipe

Jeera Aloo

Ajwain has an elusive taste that is almost always paired incorrectly and labelled as ‘boring’. It’s time we give this straightforward recipe a gallant twist: with each bite of aloo jeera swaddled in your phulka, have a tiny bit of the achaar as well, and experience the spicy goodness of this pickle in all its glory

Besan Poori

This is an Indian flatbread that’s akin to bread and butter to thousands of Indians all across the world. The spice of this poori goes swimmingly with the rich flavours of karela, and once you have tasted it, this easy-to-make combination will soon become a household staple

Kadhi Chawal

A Punjabi classic! The aromatic, thick, creamy texture of this curry needs a little bit of a bitter blend, and there’s no better way to achieve this than karele ka achaar. Are you willing to try this flavour combination?

    Have you been craving your Sasu Maa’s Bitter Gourd Pickle? We know how difficult it is to find authentic and genuine pickles that can even come close to being compared to the ones back home. For that very reason, we use our special heirloom recipes that not only promise exceptional bursts of flavour, but also a wholesome experience that will keep you going for a second, and then third serving, despite having had food enough to feed a small family.

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