A journey back to childhood with Aam ka Achaar

Aam ka Achaar has a fixed spot in the most suitable kitchen shelf in every household. As kids, we grew up eating it in daadi’s or naani’s house, and now we want to pass on the fond memories associated with pickles to our own children. We all know mango pickle is something that transcends all borders and boundaries, and is found to be a staple all across cultures and communities. It’s nothing short of a national hero.

While travelling to our hometowns to meet Ma and have her homemade food has its own charm, the wait to get there and have only tiny servings of her achaar for the rest of the year in order to keep saving it gets old fast. That became the basis of our journey- to deliver Daadi’s Aam ka Achaar to everyone that craves seasonal pickles at the opposite time of year.

Once you’ve had a taste of it, you probably want to include mango pickle in almost every meal, no matter what the dish is; you may even wonder if having too much of it can do you any harm. On the contrary, when added to your diet, it has a lot of benefits. Here’s a list of some advantages of mango pickles you probably weren’t aware of.

Making pickles is an art, and in our endeavour to be as authentic and respectful to the craft, the first step in our mission was to get the approval of the makers of the dish: our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers.

The first lesson was to use quality ingredients, i.e. nothing but the best; and that’s exactly what we did: every little constituent was vigilantly selected before being added in the recipe. The hand-picked raw mangoes along with the pungent mustard oil, fenugreek, heeng and other carefully curated spices provides the perfect spicy-sour balance that takes just the one finger-lick to get you hooked. And before you know it, this simplistic yet intricate recipe will become a part of your everyday meals, just as they used to be back in your childhood days.


Is Mango Pickle good for you? 

Boosts immune system

Firstly, it boosts the immune system since it is loaded with Vitamin C and other minerals that are good for eye and skin health

Helps in digestive system

It’s a great stimulant in the digestive process given the fibrous nature of the hand-picked raw mangoes. Eating mango pickle is a good way to prevent constipation

High in anti-oxidants

Loaded with anti-oxidants, it also minimizes the chance of cell damage

Generates healthy gut bacteria

Since there is no direct heat used in the making of pickles, majority of the nutritious content is retained; the use of fresh ingredients like mustard helps in the fermentation and preservation process with generates healthy gut bacteria for a better lifestyle

What is Mango Pickle made with? 

The sum is greater than all of its parts, but the dish wouldn’t be so flavoursome and wholesome without the high-quality ingredients so considerately procured. Each element contributes to the unique flavour profile and enhances the bold nature of the pickle. But what are the individual components of this heirloom recipe and what exactly do they bring to the table?

Raw Mango

First are the raw mangoes themselves. Rich in magnesium and potassium content, it promotes cardiovascular health and releasing of toxins. The mangiferin in these mangoes are what makes them so unique: it balances cholesterol levels thereby reducing the risk of ailments such as diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks

Mustard Oil

Which is commonly used as cooking oil in Indian cuisines. When it comes to pickles, this oil acts as a potent preservative that prevents any bacterial and fungal growth. Apart from keeping the pickles fresh and consumable for a long time, mustard also neutralises toxins in the digestive system that improves gastrointestinal health


We’ve all heard of fenugreek, consistently being asked to make and eat methi to modify our eating habits, but what exactly are its benefits? Well for starters they contain a good amount of iron and magnesium and also aid in the digestion process. Apart from this, fenugreek is also helpful in managing type 1 and type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, and improving stamina

Fennel Seeds

The incorporation of fennel seeds in mango pickles makes the recipe highly nutritious given its high magnesium, manganese and calcium contents. Fennel seeds are extremely rich in fibre, thus preventing constipation, and are also anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial in nature which helps in soothing the muscles in the stomach and thus improving digestive health



Heeng, more commonly known as asafoetida has been found to be rich in antioxidants and also antibacterial and antifungal in nature. Studies have even suggested that asafoetida helps in slowing the growth of cancer cells, and is also known to help lower blood sugar levels.

What goes best with Aam ka Aachar?

Traditionally, we’ve been eating aam ka achaar as a condiment with our phulkas and rice for at least 2 out of 3 meals a day. However, the distinct, powerful flavour deserves some more recognition: for a side-dish that requires just a dollop on a plate to be just as good or even better than the main dish, mango pickles have great potential that we need to put to more use. Keeping that in mind, here are some dishes that can help in bringing this pickle to the limelight and let it shine:


This is an tremendously famous snack in northern and parts of western India, that is conventionally had along with tea. Lathering on a layer of aam ka achaar will help elevate the unique flavour combination of this tea-time munchie

Curd Rice

Comfort food for millions of Indians. The punchy flavour of mango pickle gives the steaming hot rice along with the cool curd a zesty twist. This dish will take you down the nostalgia road and give a whole new flavour profile to a classic dish

Aloo Paratha

Piping hot parathas, soft in the middle and crispy at the edges, had along with a spoonful of chilled curd and one finger-lick of mango pickle. This quintessential Punjabi dish is filling, simple to make and all the more delicious when had with your favourite achaar


This one may have got you scratching your head! Sure you’ve heard of using chutneys and sauces in sandwiches, but pickles? It’s not so popular, but still absolutely scrumptious. This desi twist to a fresh sandwich is a creative way to add a little zing to a mundance lunch/dinner while still maintaining a healthy diet

    There you have it, the star of the show: aam ka achaar. It’s healthy, delicious, and now easily accessible. At MOLO, we believe in authenticity and strive to deliver not only the immensely-cherished achaars, but also the whole experience that comes with it: the feeling of being back in daadi’s house, having those long lunches in the summer heat as she somehow persuades you to go for another serving despite having eaten twice the amount you usually do. That’s the emotion we seek to evoke- nostalgia, comfort, and love.

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