Nimboo ka achaar is not just pickle, it's an emotion

Sweet and sour, nimbu ka achaar is a household delicacy enjoyed by every Indian in the summertime. At least we did as kids. As we grew older and got busier with work, making the time to go all the way to mausi ji’s house or actually noting down the recipe became an unthinkable task. Along with the pickle, the memories attached with it too grew distant, and the whole experience of enjoying a delicious meal with family became a fond memory of the past.

But not anymore. As part of our pursuit to deliver mom-approved pickles and spread the love to every home, we also vowed to rekindle the fading recollections of nostalgia through these jars of glass. And there was only one way to do that: through our heirloom recipes that take just one bite to bring back all the chaos, laughter, and love from our childhood family lunches.

Mausi Ji’s khatta-meetha nimbu ka achaar is very close to our hearts and we made every effort to be as authentic and flavourful as the original recipes. This was a step-by-step process, led by gathering the choicest ingredients that naturally balance each other out. Fresh, succulent lemons and sweet jaggery are the two protagonists in the dish, whose natural flavours are elevated by the fineness of innately rich ingredients such as cinnamon, black pepper, heeng, and ginger.


Is Lemon Pickle good for you? 

The irresistible aroma of a home-cooked meal served with a generous helping of lemon pickle is enough to get your stomach growling. Sometimes it’s hard to believe something so delicious can be healthy too. You have probably heard from your naani, daadi, and mausi’s on several occasions to add some pickle to your diet, but have you ever wondered why? Here’s the logic behind their insistence:

Helps build immunity

First and foremost, lemon pickles are a great way to look after your immunity. It’s packed with antioxidants as well as complex B12  vitamins, that will help build your immune system naturally without the use of pills or tablets

Boosts bone health

Rich in Vitamin A and C, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, lemon pickles boost bone health. For women, in particular, bone health is a matter of great concern, and having a source of calcium and iron in something as delicious as this is a big win-win

Full of nutrients

A balanced diet is key for good cardiovascular health. Adding a condiment such as nimbu ka achaar that’s full of nutritious and wholesome ingredients, which also comes with almost 0 fat and no cholesterol is the best possible way to spice up a boring meal

Promotes digestive health

Lemon pickles help in detoxifying the body and promoting digestion because of certain enzymes that drive the liver to produce more bile, and for the same reason it helps in weight loss as well as acne reduction

How is Lemon Pickle made? 

Every ingredient has something unique to offer, and we wanted each individual element to shine. Are you aware of the benefits of each one of these elements? Take a look at what goes into making lemon pickle and why you must include it in your diet:


Lemons have a unique taste and smell that can really bring out the best in food and drinks. But apart from being a citrusy additive, lemons have some essential health benefits. Being one of the richest sources of Vitamin C, it has great benefits for skin and hair health. It also reduces the chances of heart disease. One unique characteristic of this fruit is that it contains plant compounds that actually help in weight control. The citric acid of lemons also helps in increasing the pH in urine which prevents the formation of kidney stones. Last but definitely not least, lemons are super-rich in a soluble fiber that can greatly improve your gut health and reduce blood sugar levels.


Jaggery has been used in Indian cuisines since time immemorial, not only as a natural sweetener but also because of its rich mineral content. Did you know that jaggery has a cytoprotective nature? This means that it helps in cleansing the respiratory and digestive tract and completely detox your body. Jaggery is a great alternative to white sugar because it is one of the most immune-boosting foods out there that will also help keep a check on your weight.


There’s much more to cinnamon than we know and realize. For starters, it’s loaded with antioxidants and also has a powerful role to play in lowering blood sugar levels. Many may not know this but cinnamon is a natural preservative, given its ability to fight bacterial and fungal infections.

Black Pepper

“the king of spices”, black pepper is more than just a seasoning. In fact, it boosts the absorption of certain nutrients and also promotes digestive health to prevent diarrhoea. A lesser-known fact about pepper is that it’s a powerful antioxidant that fights cellular damage.


Probably one of the best solutions to bloating, heeng or asafoetida is anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic in nature, and is also a great cure for acidity. An added benefit of this spice is that it soothes the abdominal muscles, which is especially helpful for women that are menstruating.

What do you eat Lemon Pickle with?

There’s no denying nimbu ka achaar has a distinctive taste profile: a quintessential Indian delicacy that employs diverse ingredients to dish out an end product that’s nothing like you have ever had before. With its eccentric, punchy taste, lemon pickles are a great companion to many dishes, both indigenous and western, that bring out the best in both! Here are some quirky ways you can pair the good old nimbu ka achaar:


Talk about quirky and eccentric! Soft, steamy idlis paired with the bold flavour of lemons is the perfect combination of savoury, sweet, and sour; it’s an all-in-one, wholesome blend


This is an instant, super simple way to make a monotonous breakfast exciting. A great fusion of tangy and subtle, you get all the nutrients and vitamins while also savouring every scrumptious bite, almost wishing the taste never to dwindle

Ghee Rice

A match made in heaven. If there’s one way to make comfort food more nostalgic and delicious, it’s by adding nimbu ka achaar to the meal. As the ghee melts into the seamless rice, the burst of flavor from the pickle will provide the perfect twist to a conventional recipe


Pair it with your choice of paratha- aloo, gobhi, or muli. There’s really no room for error when it comes to a classic paratha and a time-tested, indulgent achaar like nimbu

    Have you been craving the family lunches and dinners at mausi ji’s home? How long has it been since you cooked a homemade meal, oozing with flavour and love? We are here to transport you back to the good times, taking one little element from those lavish lunches- nimbu ka achaar, and making it just as delicious, flavour-packed, and nostalgic as before. The only difference now is that it’s easily accessible. So, have you ordered your jar yet?

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