Gobi Gajar Achaar that will transport you to cozy winter lunches at home!

Every family has their own set of quirks. Whether it is cooking together or eating, we all have things that bind us together, and we don’t even realize it. We only understand the value of that moment years later, when it becomes a fond memory, etched completely in the past. Now, as the world has moved and so have you, how often do you wish to relive your childhood days – giving Ma and Daadi a helping hand in the kitchen (that was of no help at all) as they pour their hearts out into making your favourite meal?

Sometimes, finding happiness in the little things is more impactful than grand gestures and expensive gifts. Do the things that bring you the most joy and eat the foods that make you feel something – nostalgia, delight, or comfort. Order my Fufi’s Gobhi Gajar ka Achaar to experience once again, the innocent happiness from the days of your childhood, as you sneakily added one more dollop of your favourite pickle when no one was looking. Only this time, you don’t have to be sneaky about it.

Every little element plays an important role in giving the pickle its signature aroma and flavour. Each component, whether carrot or cauliflower, blended with the natural sweetness of jaggery and spicy goodness of heeng and mustard oil, contributes in bringing life and vibrancy to the jar of pickle. A lot of time and effort has gone into perfectly replicating these heirloom recipes, to give you the chance to once again experience the familiar feeling of being surrounded by comfort food, where every bite oozes with love and warmth.


Is Gobhi Gajar Pickle healthy? 

Yes! This pickle is a simple yet tasty way to spice up your meals and make even the most boring dishes a little interesting. But that’s not even the best part! This pickle guarantees deliciousness without compromising your health. In fact, it is a great diet-balancer for your daily meals.

You may be wondering what makes this pickle so special? Here are the reasons why:

Builds immune system

It strengthens the immune system because of its high vitamin and mineral contents such as iron, potassium, manganese and Vitamin C

Good for bone health

Being a rich source of calcium and Vitamin A, this pickle is good for bone health

Cleanses digestive tract

If you are struggling with acidity or bloating, Gobhi Gajar Pickle will help by cleansing the digestive tract and preventing constipation

Promotes cardiovascular health

The cooking oil you use makes all the difference. Mustard oil promotes cardiovascular health, so it is completely safe, and in fact, recommended for people prone to heart problems

How is Gobhi Gajar Pickle made? 


With handpicked ingredients and lots of love. Each component has been carefully curated, and ensured of its quality, before finally being added to the mixture. This pickle would not have been complete if even one of the elements had been missing, and that is the secret behind what ties together the whole recipe: the harmony among ingredients that are able to naturally balance each other out.

Here are the ingredients that have been used along with some of their health benefits:

Cauliflower (Gobhi)

Gobhi in sabzis and salads is a commonality in Indian households. The unique texture and taste palate of this veggie offers a refreshing aspect to our meals, and also promises some health benefits that are hard to miss. They have a spectacular nutritional profile consisting of Vitamin K, C, B6, potassium, and manganese. Cauliflowers are an excellent source of fiber and several other properties that aid in weight loss and also prevent constipation. Since they are packed with antioxidants, they are known to naturally build immunity and combat diseases and bad bacteria

Gajar (Carrot)

Carrots are actually one of the healthiest snacks to binge on. Not only are they crunchy and delicious, but also super healthy. Apart from the other nutrients like Vitamin K, potassium, and fiber, carrots are also a good source of Vitamin A which promotes eye health by lowering chances of cataracts. This vegetable keeps cholesterol and blood sugar levels under check, thus recommended for heart patients and diabetics. Lastly, they are loaded with antioxidants so they help in preventing cell damage by boosting your immunity


The best thing you can do for your body is replace all processed sugar with a natural sweetener like jaggery. This is one of the most powerful ingredients, not only in terms of flavour, but also health benefits. It completely detoxes your body by cleansing the respiratory and digestive tract, and that is why it is recommended to eat as a dessert after meals. Gur, or jaggery, is also considered to be one of the best immunity-boosting foods because of its composition of minerals and antioxidants that help combat diseases, especially in the winter


Mustard seeds are a must in your diet. Rich in calcium, manganese, iron and zinc, this one ingredient offers more advantages than most of the dishes you eat on a daily basis. Mustard seeds are excellent for promoting digestion and preventing constipation


Better known as asafoetida, this ingredient has the power to cleanse the digestive system. Since it is antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory in nature, it provides a natural remedy for bloating, acidity, and gas. It also possesses antibacterial properties that keep the pickles from going bad soon

Mustard Oil

As Indians, this cooking oil is not unheard of; our kitchens are stocked with bottles of mustard oil since it is a much healthier alternative to the other cooking oils available in the market today. Firstly, mustard oil reduces several risk factors for heart disease by lowering cholesterol in the body; it is also associated with a lower IHD risk (Ischemic Heart disease) as compared to other oils. It possesses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that fight infections in the digestive tract and also act as a natural preservative for the pickles, ensuring a long shelf life

What do you eat Gobhi Gajar Pickle with?

Diverse yet versatile, Gobhi Gajar ka Achaar is a winter staple in almost all parts of Northern India. Now that it is easily accessible all year round, we decided to list out some dishes this pickle can be enjoyed with. Try these recipes:

Palak Paneer

There’s nothing like rich, creamy, vibrant palak paneer enjoyed with fresh phulkas. Serve a dollop of Gobhi Gajar pickle with this delicious meal to enhance the flavours of your dish and add a flavoursome and wholesome kick to it

Makki di Roti

Is your mouth already watering? This flatbread is best had with some thick and creamy saag, along with a fresh salad and some warm, luscious Gobhi Gajar Pickle

Aloo Paratha

As the melted drops of butter seep into the crispy skin of the parathas, make sure to have a spoonful of curd and pickle with every bite. This is one guaranteed way to start off your day on a happy note!

Spicy Khichdi

This is the perfect dish for when no one has the energy to cook something extravagant or time-consuming. But you can still make it delicious! Add some Gobhi Gajar pickle to your khichdi to give this traditional recipe a spicy new twist

    These pickles hold a special place in our hearts. One jar of Gobhi Gajar ka Achaar encompasses not only the deliciousness of the diverse Indian cuisine, but also the love and fondness with which it is made. After all, isn’t food the best way to someone’s heart?

    You don’t have to recall happy memories anymore, you can live them. Don’t keep waiting – order your jar now!

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