A dining-table staple! Dela achaar can make any meal better

Where we come from, love is not expressed through words, or touch, or over-the-top gestures; instead, the purest demonstration of love is through food. Whether it’s mouth-watering aromatic curries and phulkas, or the little condiments scooped at the corner of the plate, every member of the house has experienced the innocent joy of being fed ghar ka khaana. 

It’s almost as if the biggest insecurity of our mothers and grandmothers is that someone will leave the dining table not completely full, and unless you can’t move because of the sheer amount you have eaten, they take it personally. It is this element of concern and intimacy that sets apart home-cooked meals from everything else. And to experience that warmth and tenderness in today’s fast-paced, modern world, we set out on our journey to emulate My Kaaki’s Dela Pickle.


What are the benefits of Dela Pickle?

Dele ka achaar is not only eaten for its luscious, distinctive taste but also because it is packed with nutrients that are an essential part of your daily diet. The reason this pickle has been passed down from generation to generation is for its medicinal and healing properties. In fact, it is one of the best ways to spice up a boring meal without compromising on any health benefits. Here are some reasons why Dela Pickle is so good for you: 

Cleanses digestive tract

It is known to cleanse the digestive tract, ridding your body of indigestion, constipation, and general discomfort 

Helps you during cold

When down with the common cold, Dela Pickle helps in removing excess mucus from the body, which helps you breathe better 

Keeps weight in check

Loaded with nutrients, it is a great condiment if you are looking to keep a check on your weight 

Has anti-inflammatory properties

It suppresses toxic elements in the body given its anti-inflammatory nature

How is Dela Pickle made? 

Dele ka Achaar is made with a variety of the freshest and highest quality ingredients, just like the organic ones used back home, in order to precisely replicate this intricate recipe. Created using this rare and exotic fruit Dela, the mixture is blended with the spicy goodness of red chillies, mustard oil, turmeric and fenugreek.

It is true that every little aspect of each one of the ingredients is absolutely essential in bringing this pickle to life. But how exactly do they contribute to the exclusive flavour profile and why? Here is all you need to know about what goes into making Dela Pickle, and how they are beneficial for you:  


This fruit is not commonly found in markets. Since it is so rare, it is used carefully in making pickles and tarts that are sure to bring out the best of flavours. But Dela is also used for its health benefits: it has the power to cleanse the respiratory tract of phlegm and the digestive tract to cure indigestion. It is also consumed to boost stamina and remove fatigue 


Do you recall being fed haldi ka doodh when you were injured as a child? There is a reason behind this. Turmeric has bioactive compounds that fight against the ill effects of oxidation. It is not just advantageous for this reason, in fact, haldi has the power to fight against age-related ailments like heart failure, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Since it is anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidants, it helps prevent cell damage and in combating a whole list of chronic illnesses 

Red Chilli

This will for sure help you keep a check on your weight! Red chillies speed up the fat-burning process and are also known to reduce appetite. They contain a good amount of Vitamin C which is good for your immunity. Red chillies also promote cardiovascular health by reducing the risk of blood clot formation

Fenugreek (Methi)

It is one of the richest sources of iron and magnesium. This ingredient is highly recommended to those who suffer from anaemia and other iron-related ailments. Fenugreek also offer various other health benefits: it improves stamina, boosts digestive health, and helps in managing diabetes

Bishop’s Weed

Better known as ajwain, this staple Indian spice is one the best sources out there for stomach-related problems; it contains certain enzymes that enable the regular flow of stomach acids, thereby curing indigestion, bloating, gas, as well as peptic ulcers. Even when you are down with a cold and cough, Bishop’s Weed is a great natural way to clear the mucus and widen the bronchial tubes and bring you relief 



What do you eat Dela Pickle with?

The unique, sweet and sour flavour of the Dela Pickle can be enjoyed with an assortment of dishes, including flatbreads, rice, and idlis. Since it is an eccentric flavour combination, it is easy to go wrong with finding the perfect companion to this pickle. Here are some suggestions on what you can pair it with:

Methi Thepla

A household staple for Indians all across the globe. It’s true, that having methi day after day can get boring, and figuring out a healthy side dish isn’t an easy job to do. Well, we are here to make things easier for you: serve thepla with a dollop of achaar on the side to keep things healthy as well as delicious! 

Missi Roti

Had with the heavy, creamy deliciousness of saag or palak sabji, miss roti is a heavenly piece of flatbread. However, always finding the time to make a traditional sabji is not easy; but there’s still a way to enjoy the winter staple. A generous serving of Dela Pickle on the side will give the classic dish a sweet, acidic twist 


Make breakfast a little more interesting. Mix your upma with a little bit of this pickle to enhance and elevate the flavour profile of a simple meal


What a soft, seamless, piping hot idli needs is a powerful condiment. Who has the time and patience to make sambar and coconut chutney? Just replace the traditional with a little bit of Dela Pickle to add a zesty element to your effortless, easy-to-make everyday dish

    Dela ka achaar is truly one of a kind. All you need is one finger-lick to experience the burst of flavour that will remind you of home. At MOLO, we believe in authenticity, and strive to be genuine in all our recipes: that’s why the taste of this achaar hits all the right sweet and spicy notes, just like Kaaki’s did back in the day. So, when are you going to order your jar?

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