Pickle that tingles your tastebuds! Lasora pickle for your daily comfort food.

As children we were our mother’s and grandmother’s most finicky food critics. When ghar ka khaana got too boring, we would whine and plead for them to experiment and cook up something delicious, knowing in our heart or hearts they could never go wrong with their original recipes. That feeling of trying their handmade food for the first time, as they served us with a smile on their face and a glimmer of hope in their eye, is something that is deeply etched in memory.

Although the experience of trying a new home cooked meal is as exciting as before, the feeling of re-discovering something you relished as a child is even more magical. My Tai’s Lasora Pickle evokes the same emotions as it did before, and now you don’t have to wait to travel all the way back to your hometown to try it again: it’s only a tap of the phone away!

It is the uniqueness of the ingredients that sets apart Lasode Gunde Ka Achaar from every other pickle available in the market. Lasoda is a berry, found only in the tropical regions and is eaten in different parts of the country for its sweet, moderately bitter, and slightly astringent taste. The acidity of this rare berry is naturally balanced by the assortment of the other ingredients that have been carefully curated to perfect the recipe. The red chillies, fenugreek, Bishop’s Weed and turmeric have been used to elevate the flavours of the pickle and make it finger-lickin’ delicious!


What are the benefits of Lasora Gunda Pickle?

There is a reason we take so much pride in our heirloom recipes: they truly are one-of-a-kind. Not only do they smell and taste amazing, making every meal a sensorial experience, but they also have health benefits that make it easy to include with every meal. Here are 5 reasons why Lasora pickle is so advantageous to your health:

Promotes gastrointestinal health

It is useful in promoting gastrointestinal health since it treats diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome and other stomach-related ailments

Loaded Vitamin C

Since it is loaded with Vitamin C, it is an immunity-boosting food that also rids the body of general fatigue  

Helps during cold/cough

Can also be had when you are down with the common cold/cough because it removes excess phlegm from the lungs and helps you breathe better

How is Lasora Pickle made? 

Every little component mixed into the recipe has been tried, tested, and thoroughly analysed before being added. The impeccable quality of each ingredient plays a huge role in adding a new dimension to the final dish, and every effort has been made to highlight the distinctiveness of the individual elements. Here are the list of ingredients and the reasons behind why they have been used:


The limited availability of this berry in the markets makes it a highly sought after fruit, especially for the wide range of health benefits it offers. Firstly, lasora berry is a natural laxative, great for bowel movement and prevention of constipation. Secondly, it possesses anti-inflammatory properties that suppress chest congestion; so the next time you are down with a cold/cough, make sure to include Lasora in your diet

Bishop’s Weed

There is a reason why ajwain has secured a sacred spot in our kitchens, and that is because of the host of health benefits it has to offer. The active enzymes in ajwain improves the flow of stomach acids thereby relieving you from indigestion, acidity, and bloating. Ajwain fights bacteria like E. coli that leads to food poisoning and other infections. Lastly, it is also quite useful in managing cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure to ensure a well-balanced lifestyle

Red Chilli

As Indians, we can’t do without a little (or a lot of) spice. Red chillies are a great way to add some spicy goodness to your meals without compromising on the nutritional value of your dish. Not only do they help combat diseases because of its rich Vitamin C content but also promote cardiovascular health by preventing blood clotting. Red chillies will also help you keep a check on your weight since they are known to reduce appetite and accelerate fat burning


We all have a love-hate relationship with haldi, having been overfed by our mothers and grandmothers in childhood. But adding turmeric to your diet is extremely important to attain a nutritious, all-rounded diet. Since it comprises bioactive compounds, turmeric helps fight against the after-effects of oxidation, that accelerates the healing of injuries. Turmeric is packed with antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory in nature therefore it plays a very important role in fighting age-related ailments like heart attacks, cancer, and Alzheimer’s

Mustard Oil

In Indian cuisine, mustard oil is commonly used as a cooking for its numerous benefits that make for a well-balanced meal. It is highly recommended to use as a cooking oil for heart patients since it improves circulation, lowers cholesterol, and is also associated with a lower IHD (Ischemic Heart Disease) risk as compared to other oils. It is also great for gastrointestinal health since it cleanses the digestive tract of all toxins and can be used to cure diarrhoea

What can Lasora Pickle be eaten with?

This sweet-sour-acidic pickle is super simple to pair with your meals. Just add a dollop of Lasore ka Achaar to a monotonous or bland meal and watch the magic unfold with every bite – the burst of flavour will enhance the quality of your dish and keep you coming back for more. Here are some dishes you can pair this pickle with for a truly extraordinary experience:

Pita Bread

This fresh and scrumptious flatbread is usually eaten with hummus and veggies. If you want to switch things up and add a little desi twist to this Mediterranean classic – serve it along with some Lasora pickle. This is a great snack idea for the next time you have guests over and don’t know what to cook!


A classic breakfast item, completely re-defined! Serve this simple and easy-to-make rice dish along with some curd and pickle to give breakfast a whole new look and feel


Who doesn’t love the sweet, spicy, savoury flavours of Dhokla? If you’re confused about what to cook for the family during snack-time, this is probably one of the easiest yet most delicious munchie you can give them: soft, spongy Dhokla along with sweet and sour Lasora pickle

Ghee Rice

A little ghee to your rice, and just a dollop of pickle to give this quintessential Indian dish a punch of flavour. Whether it’s lunch, dinner, or breakfast, you never have to have a dull or boring meal ever again!

    Do you miss the taste of the homemade pickles from the days of your childhood? At MOLO, we strive to capture the essence from those long family lunches and bring them to life in today’s fast-paced world. If you are craving the taste and smell of home while being thousands of miles away, you should order a jar of My Tai’s Lasora Pickle to relish and spread the love.

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