Give your parantha an achaari twist

All The Ingredients You Will Need:

  1. Wheat flour - 2.5 cups
  2. Oil or ghee 
  3. Molo Mixed Pickle- 2 tbsp
  4. Salt 
  5. Butter for serving 

Method Of Preparation:

  • Take a bowl, add flour, salt and water and knead the dough as you would do for a regular chapati or parantha
  • Now spread 2 tbsp crushed Molo Mixed Pickle evenly and fold the edges
  • Roll out the parantha gently into a flat disc using a rolling pin
  • Heat the tawa and place the parantha on it
  • Cook the parantha on a medium flame
  • Now evenly grease the parantha with oil or ghee and roast it from both sides
  • Make it crispy and brown from both the sides

Top up this delicious, crispy achari parantha with a dollop of butter and enjoy it with a bowl of curd.

Simple and easy with ghar jaisa swaad and dher saara pyaar! 

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