About Us

Maybe, we are all our mom-made pickles. A bit sweet, a bit spicy, soaking up all the blessings, and just getting better with age!


To be a loved brand for traditional foods, that the new-age consumers trust.


Bring back the goodness of Traditional Home Foods that are not made at home anymore, and keep the wisdom of our grandmothers alive.

What are we doing?

From different corners of India, we hunt for the most authentic recipes.

The ingredients and spices are thoughtfully sourced from the best farms in the country.

With goodness of MOther’s LOve, these ingredients are blended and fermented, just like how our grandmothers did.

After numerous quality checks by experts and taste validations by consumers, Molo products are carefully packed and shipped to you.

In every bite of Molo, you taste ounces of deliciousness and oodles of love.

In every bite, you get a taste of home!

Where are we headed?

Molo started with yummy pickles and we are going places!

With you on this journey, we are going across India to bring back the goodness of traditional homemade foods. Your favourite Molo is adding more and more variants of pickles. We are also bringing other food and snacking categories to you super soon.

Just like Maa ka pyaar, our commitment to bring you authentic, yummy food is unconditional and forever!

The Founder

When all of Sanjay Narsaria’s friends raided his mom’s kitchen every summer for the yummy pickles she made, it made him wonder what’s so unique about these pickles?

Curiosity made Sanjay revisit his 23 years long retail career with brands like Walmart, ITC, Big Bazaar and Aditya Birla Group where he gathered extensive understanding of creating and scaling up FMCG brands. His experience in the industry, coupled with his love for food gave birth to the idea of building Molo. Sanju, as most of his friends call him, is now super thrilled to put all of his learnings together in creation of Molo.

Sanjay takes immense pride in his Molo. After all, Molo is built with 'mom-approved' recipes, validated with hundreds of consumer trials, compliant on most stringent food safety norms, and is packaged beautifully with a brand story that consumers are loving. Sanjay’s strong industry connect helps Molo get ease of access to retail channels across the country.

An avid traveller and music lover Sanjay is now often found experimenting with food recipes along-with his mom. We think they are both obsessed with making Molo taste just-like-home.

Get to know all about Sanjay here

Some of the Pickles

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