Mixed with memories and pyaar - there's a lot to love about the Mixed Achaar

Someone once said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” How true does this sentence hold? Where we come from, food is an expression of love and concern. Every meal is akin to a small feast – thick, aromatic curries and bowls of steaming hot rice along with freshly cut vegetables and delicious condiments, even on days when you aren’t hungry!

However,  you don’t have to wait any longer. What if we told you there was a way for you to get a piece of home without actually having to travel all the way? It doesn’t get better than this: My Chachi’s Mixed Pickle will instantly transport you to the days of your childhood, to the good times, and evoke the same sense of familiarity you feel every time you feast with your folks.

These recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, and it is now our responsibility to ensure our heirlooms don’t fade with time. We take pride in the quality of our ingredients, and the finesse and expertise with which they have been utilized. The intricacy with which each element is balanced is truly a work of art. The assortment of fruits and vegetables have been blended with the finest spices to give you a pickle that offers it all: a spicy-sweet-sour combination that will keep you coming back for more.

Today, as we live thousands of miles away from home, Ma’s handmade dishes seem to be as precious as bricks of gold. After a long, stressful day at work, there’s nothing more you crave than those little feasts you relished as a child; but family is too far, and no one has the time to recreate those recipes anymore.


Is Mixed Pickle good for you? 

This jar of fermented pickle has the power to bring life and colour to the most tired-looking dish. Not only does it taste great just on its own, but it’s also a condiment that will go well with almost any combination of your choice! And do you know what the best part is? It is healthy too, so you don’t have to worry about cheating on your diet to be able to enjoy something delicious daily!

Here is why Mixed Pickles are a great way to spice up your meals instead of other over-processed junk food:

Contains essential vitamins

The vegetables are essential for your daily vitamin and mineral content including iron, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin A and C

Antioxidant properties

Mixed pickles have antioxidant properties that fight cell damage

Reduces acidity

The composition of heeng and other fiber-rich ingredients make sure to cleanse the digestive tract and reduce acidity and bloating

Has ani-inflammatory properties

The anti-inflammatory nature of pickles helps combat a host of diseases and ailments

How is Mixed Pickle made? 

We believe in using ingredients that are homegrown and authentic. Unless the components are fresh and of the best quality, the end result isn’t as delicious and promising. Each little element used in making this pickle has been carefully curated to bring vibrancy and diversity to the dish. Here are the ingredients that have made this possible:


A delicious vegetable that contains many nutrients, cauliflower is also high in fiber which promotes digestive health and prevents constipation. It is a good source of antioxidants which combat cell damage. The best thing about this veggie is that it is super easy to include in your diet, either in a salad or a sabzi, and this fact comes in handy when you are trying to lose some weight; it is low in calories and also brings about the feeling of fullness.


A summer treat that you just can’t keep your hands off, mangoes are more than just mouth-watering, sweet fruits that you devour every June. Mangoes are packed with antioxidants that are great for your immunity and are loaded with fiber that promotes digestive health. The nutritional profile of this fruit is exceptionally impressive: not only are they rich in Vitamin K and C but also magnesium, potassium, and mangiferin, which is associated with lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation of the heart. Who knew this summertime treat had so much to offer?


Garlic is used in cuisines all over the world for its flavour-enhancing abilities that really bring out the best in our food. Although added for its unique taste, garlic has also been used since time immemorial for its health benefits. It is rich in Vitamin C and B6, Manganese, as well as fiber, known to be good for digestive health. Garlic also improves cholesterol levels that reduce the risk of heart-related ailments and controls blood sugar, thereby helpful in managing diabetes.

Green Chilli

A little spice never hurt anyone! Green chillies are a great diet balancer and a good natural way to elevate the palate of the whole dish. Firstly, chillies boost metabolism which helps with weight loss. They also contain abundant amounts of Vitamin C, which goes a long way in strengthening your immunity. If you have anaemia or any such iron deficiencies, including green chillies in your everyday meals is a must! They are a natural source of iron and also help in maintaining good cardiovascular health by preventing the formation of blood clots.


Probably the ingredient with the most unique flavour profile out there, lemons are used world-over to bring life to our food and beverages. But, lemons have more to them than just a citrusy aftertaste. Being one of the richest sources of Vitamin C, they are natural immunity boosters. The citric acid in lemons prevents the formation of kidney stones. Lastly, if you suffer from constipation or indigestion frequently, make sure to include lemons in some form in your diet: they are fibre-rich foods that greatly improve gut health while reducing blood sugar levels.



The nutritional value of fenugreek is exceptional: it is rich in iron, manganese, and magnesium, therefore highly recommended by nutritionists to those who suffer from anaemia and vitamin deficiencies. It also helps to manage blood sugar levels, especially for those who suffer from type 1 and 2 diabetes. Apart from this, you must also include fenugreek in your diet if you frequently suffer from heartburn or cholesterol problems


Mustard Oil

This is a household staple. You must use mustard oil to stir-fry or sauté vegetables on a regular basis; in fact, it is a much healthier alternative to the other cooking oils available in markets today. First of all, it promotes gastrointestinal and cardiovascular health, so you don’t have to worry about indigestion. Secondly, mustard oil is antimicrobial in nature which means that it is a natural preservative, giving your jar of pickles a better shelf life


You probably remember this as asafoetida. Whatever you call it, adding heeng to your everyday meals means a guaranteed healthy and cleansed digestive tract. It is anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic in nature, assuring you a cure for acidity, bloating, and irritable bowels


Saunf is more than just a refreshment! This small yet powerful ingredient is added to our dishes to make them flavour-packed as well as healthy. It has the ability to improve digestive functioning and boost metabolism, so if you are keeping a watch on your weight, it is a must-add to your diet. Saunf is also packed with soluble dietary fibre, which means that it is extremely helpful in preventing constipation. A prominent benefit of eating saunf is the cardiovascular benefits it offers – controlling blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart diseases because of its high potassium content

What do you eat Mixed Pickle with?

The real question is: what can’t you have? The versatility of this achaar makes it a delicious companion to almost every dish and cuisine out there. Since there’s really no room for error when it comes to Mixed Pickle, you can get a little funky and try out these offbeat combinations:


If you are a fan of Mediterranean food, you will love this recipe! When you serve a falafel dish, make sure to include a yoghurt dip and some Mixed Pickle with it; this will not only make the dish more wholesome but will also add some unique flavours that will get you hooked


You’re probably thinking this classic tea-time snack should not be messed with, and usually we would agree with you. However, there is one little thing you can do to further elevate the flavours of your samosa and doodh wali chai: add a dollop of achaar and watch the magic unfold


Add a little desi twist to a Mexican classic. Fill your tortilla with some cheese, veggies, salsa, and pickle! This is a great way to tie together diverse flavours and give it the punch it requires


A south Indian delicacy with a little kick. The prominent coconut flavour of appam needs a spicy-sweet-tangy balance to complete the meal, and the simplest way you can do that is by eating it with some delicious mixed pickle!

    The long lunches and early dinners turned into midnight feasts at Chachi Ji’s house remind us of a time that we will always recall fondly. Her handmade curries and pickles encapsulated all the requisites of an Indian household: spice, layers of flavour, and lots of love. And while we carefully strove to replicate these recipes, we did our best to capture all these fundamental values in our jars of mom-approved achaars. So, you can be assured to get a taste of home, despite living in a different city, a whole other world away!

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