Are pickles good for diabetics?

Are pickles good for diabetics?


When eaten in moderation, pickles are safe to have for diabetics. Since we use no artificial preservatives, most of the benefits of the ingredients used in the making of pickles are preserved. Elements such as fenugreek, fennel seeds, red chilies and so on are known to manage blood sugar levels and bring them under control. 

The wide variety of achaars available may seem tempting, but you must make sure to check the sodium content of your pickles before consuming! Excess of sodium and other salts can be potentially detrimental for at-risk people. Most pickles out there use harmful preservatives that are not feasible in the long run. Don’t ignore the signs - find the right composition of ingredients so that you can enjoy the unique assortment of flavours of achaar without having to compromise on your health. 

Since our pickles are handmade and mom-approved with no additives like sodium benzoate and potassium iodide, they are therefore completely safe to have along with meals. This is especially exciting for individuals with pre-existing ailments such as type 1 and 2 diabetes and diseases relating to the heart. 

Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can now enjoy the sweet, spicy, and sour combination of your favourite pickles with your choice of cuisine! 

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