A little whiff of Ginger Pickle to transport you to amma's arms!

Sometimes, all it takes is one little whiff of a homemade delicacy to transport you back to the days of your childhood. The long lunches, family gup, and reverberations of laughter that could be heard all the way to the house next door- how often do we get to live that anymore? It is upsetting when you realize that time is over, and you will never get to share or experience that with the loved ones in your life today.

Well, the feeling of nostalgia is all too familiar to us. It was that one little whiff of home that we craved, which became the inspiration behind our journey to spread the love through food and share with our friends and family the emotion associated with ghar ka khaana. And what better way to do that than by opening a jar of My Amma’s Ginger Pickle, now available easily with the tap of a phone?

There is a saying, “Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity.” As proud Indians, doesn’t that ring true for us? Our pickles are known world-over and craved by people from countries far and wide. But there’s a certain charm about the indigenous ingredients- the fresh and natural components are what complete the dish and give it the balance that not even artificial preservatives can.

The peppery, sweet ginger amalgamated with the finest spices such as Bishop’s weed, red chillies, and turmeric gives our famous adrak ka achaar the luscious, irresistible flavour that keeps you coming back for more.


Is Ginger Pickle good for you? 

Besides making a great side dish to your meals, ginger pickle has a number of health benefits. Incorporating this rich, flavoursome achaar to your diet is the simplest, most delicious way to achieve the healthy lifestyle you work so hard towards. So, what are some of the advantages of ginger pickle? Here are some:

Contains loads of probiotics

Firstly, ginger pickles comprise plenty of ‘probiotics’; this basically means that they are loaded with “good” bacteria that are extremely beneficial for intestinal balance and overall digestive health

Has anti-inflamatory and antioxidant properties

Ginger pickle is packed with nutrients and plant compounds that give it its antioxidants, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits. It is the main component of ginger, gingerols that are responsible for the medicinal properties of the pickle

Reduces risk of high blood pressure

Adrak ka achaar is low in sodium which ensures good cardiovascular health by decreasing the risk of high blood pressure

Helps keep weight in check

It is also a great way to keep a check on your weight since it is low in calories, with no added sugar

How is Ginger Pickle made? 

The quality of the pickle would not be so impeccable if it were not for the freshness and high calibre of the ingredients. Carefully curated and hand-picked, conscious efforts have been made to highlight every little element and use it to its maximum potential. Each component has something unique to offer, without which the pickle would not get its mouth-watering and unforgettable palate. Here are the ingredients used along with their individual benefits:


The old wives’ tale is true- ginger does ease nausea by getting rid of the built-up gas in your digestive system along with the acidity. Ginger also combats diseases by fighting off harmful bacteria such as E. coli. The active compounds in ginger, gingerols prevent oral bacteria which can cause serious gum infections. Ginger is also good for cardiovascular health since it lowers cholesterol and improves blood sugar levels

Bishop’s Weed (Ajwain)

There are certain enzymes present in ajwain that allow the flow of stomach acids which is a great way to cure indigestion, bloating, gas, and even peptic ulcers. If you are down with a cold, ajwain can provide relief by clearing the mucus and widening the bronchial tubes, allowing you to breathe better

Red chilli

Apart from adding the red hot spice in your dish, chillies are actually quite beneficial for your health. It has a significant amount of Vitamin C which helps fight diseases, and is known to prevent the formation of blood clots, which makes it good for heart health. Red chillies are known to reduce appetite and accelerate fat burning that will aid you in your weight loss journey


Do you remember having haldi ka doodh as a child? Our mothers and grandmothers made sure to include a respectable amount of turmeric in our food because it has bioactive compounds that fight against the after-effects of oxidation. Turmeric is loaded with antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory, therefore it plays an important role in fight age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart ailments

 Fenugreek (Methi)

It is one of the richest sources of iron and magnesium. This ingredient is highly recommended to those who suffer from anaemia and other iron-related ailments. Fenugreek also offer various other health benefits: it improves stamina, boosts digestive health, and helps in managing diabetes 

What do you eat Ginger Pickle with?

Our guilty pleasure is licking the pickle right from the spoon itself, and while that is tempting, adrak ka achaar is best had with home cooked meals, both local and Western, the flavour combination of which is a treat to your taste buds. Try out these simple recipes that are a perfect companion to your favourite pickle:


The coming together of soft, seamless idlis and sweet-spicy adrak ka achaar is the best way to spice up a household staple and give it a zingy twist


Hear us out! Toast some bread, add your choice of veggies, a little bit of chutney and/or any sauces you might have, and finally lather on a bit of ginger pickle. This won’t only elevate the flavours of the sandwich, but also add nutritional value for a balanced diet

Ghee Rice

Add a tablespoon of ghee to your bowl of rice, and serve along with a dollop of ginger pickle. This flavourful condiment will give the perfect spice balance to a plain recipe that you are bored of making and eating


For North Indians, mathri and tea is a match made in heaven. Give this tea-time snack a quirky twist by layering some ginger pickle on the mathri for a wholesome, creative new recipe

    What can be more nostalgic than a hearty meal, accompanied by some achaar that your Amma used to make? The packaging may be different now, but the essence remains the same: the joy of eating and sharing these heirloom recipes that are so close to our hearts. This jar of glass is not just about eating and serving a regular pickle; no, it’s also about respecting and emulating a dish that encapsulates our traditions, families, and above all, our love for each other.

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