Achaar that makes people go waaahhh - Molo's Green Chilli Pickle is packed with pyaar

There is no denying that mothers are real-life superheroes. Before we articulate it, they know what we are thinking, and before we realize it ourselves, they know what we are feeling. It takes them just one look at us to know when we are hungry. So when they take to the kitchen, pounding the spices and chopping the vegetables, a sense of purpose in their stride, you know the outcome is going to be something unforgettable.

In our endeavour to preserve the emotions and nostalgia attached with ghar ka khaana, we got a hold of our heirloom recipes - and after obtaining the seal approval from our mothers and grandmothers, we once again brought this achaar from our childhood to life. My Mom’s Green Chilli Pickle is an expression of love, concern, and a sense of a home away from home.

What makes Ma’s Hari Mirch ka Achaar a speciality? Firstly, it’s finesse: there is a level of professionalism required in the kitchen that only comes with years of experience. Secondly, it is authenticity: carefully curated and handpicked ingredients – from the spicy goodness of the green chillies to the refreshing flavours of saunf, all tied together with the help of the finest spices there are to offer. Making achaar is an art, the ins and outs of which we have mastered. Homemade pickles have never been so easy to get before!


Is Green chilli Pickle good for you? 

This pickle is more than just a delicious condiment! Ambaar ka Achaar has numerous health benefits that make it a great, delicious diet-balancer. Here are some reasons you must make sure to consume it regularly

Vitamin C and iron

It’s more than just a condiment: it’s a complete dish in itself. While it guarantees bursts of flavour with every bite of food, it also promises good health. Here is why you should replace all the junk food in your diet with healthier alternatives such as this.

A great diet balancer

It has practically no calories yet is loaded with nutrients and minerals like manganese and Vitamin C and D

Rich in iron

It is extremely rich in iron, and by adding it to your everyday meals, you will be building your immunity

Keeps cholesterol in check

It is great for heart health since it reduces blood cholesterol and helps to stop blood clotting

Maintains blood sugar levels

For diabetics, this pickle is a healthy way to enjoy delicious food because it aids in maintaining normal blood sugar levels

How is Green chilli Pickle made? 

The flavour profile of this pickle can be best described in two words: eccentric and well-balanced. The assortment of the freshest and best quality ingredients assure a strong, unanimous taste, just like the ones back home. Here is what goes into making this recipe:

Green Chillies

This is a go-to ingredient for spice lovers! Apart from adding a little punch to your meals, green chillies have a host of health benefits too: eating it can make your skin healthy and glowy since it is a rich source of Vitamin C. They are also a great source of fibre, which helps in proper digestion of the food and prevention of constipation. Last but definitely not least, chillies also aid in burning the excess fat in our body for weight loss and also to increase your metabolism.

Saunf (Fennel Seeds)

Saunf is a staple in Indian households, not only for their flavour-enhancing abilities but also for the list of health advantages it offers. Firstly, despite their small size, they are extremely fibrous in nature, and consequently are linked with a lower risk of cardiac diseases. They work wonderfully to cure indigestion, bloating, as well as constipation. By including fennel seeds in your daily diet, you would be doing wonders to your skin, since they are known to balance hormones and improve skin longevity.

Methidana (Fenugreek)

Fenugreek has an impressive nutritional profile consisting  magnesium, iron, protein, and manganese. They help in managing metabolic conditions such as diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels. Also good for heart health, methidana is suggested to people who frequently suffer from heartburn and helps in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Black Pepper

No dish is complete with a little sprinkle of salt and black pepper! However, there is much more to pepper than just garnishing. It improves gut health, lowers cholesterol levels, improves blood sugar and also is a potent source of antioxidants. Some studies have also suggested that it plays a part in improving brain functioning as well


Better known as asafoetida, heeng is the best natural way to clear your digestive tract and improve your gastro-intestinal health. It is antispasmodic in nature, thereby reducing bloating and acidity. It is also known to soothe the abdominal muscles, a great remedy for cramping, which becomes especially useful for women on their periods

Black Salt

This salt has antioxidant properties and low sodium levels. It improves liver and heart health, and is packed with essential minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium

Haldi (Turmeric)

As Indians, we are all familiar with haldi based dishes and beverages. But why is it used in such great amounts in our cuisine? For starters, it has bioactive compounds that combat the after-effects of oxidation. It is also loaded with antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory, so it plays and important role in fighting age-related diseases such Alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart ailments

What do you eat Mirchi ka achar with?

Because of its versatile yet accommodating palate, Green Chilli pickle is easy to pair with almost any dish, and brings out the best in it. The key is to find the right balance between spicy, sweet, and umami. Here are some simple, easy-to-make recommendations on what this pickle is best had with:

Onion Pakoras

A quintessential rainy day dish! Serve your piping hot pakoras with some chai and mirch ka achaar to enjoy the beautiful weather with some delicious snacks


Kebabs when had without any condiments can get a little dry. What you need is some refreshing mint chutney along with the goodness of this spicy achaar, and your meal is complete!


This is a super simple snack to serve when you have guests over, but you can give it a little spicy kick to help it stand out. A dollop of Green Chilli Pickle is all that you need to satisfy your house guests

Dal Rice

A household staple that needs just one tiny kick to transform from boring to delicious. Adding a little spice will help make the dish more all-rounded and wholesome, while still being healthy

    Who knew one little part of a meal played such an important role in tying together all the elements to make eating not just a daily task, but an enjoyable experience. It is true that with our busy schedules taking time out to go back home has become difficult; so we brought home to you instead. Order your favourite homemade pickles, only on MOLO!

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