When healthy comes in bundles of yummy-ness! Amla Murabba that is finger-licking good

Families pass down from generation to generation antiquities that hold deep meaning or some special value. For us, these heirlooms come in the form of pickles in glass jars, aromatic and delicious, that make any dull day bright and instantly become the life of the party.

My Nani’s Amla Murabbas were sort of like a household staple. In our childhood days, if there was no Murabbas to complete the meal, it felt like we were starving despite being stuffed. Is there any dish that makes you feel that way? Even today nothing compares to the deliciousness of her handmade Murabbas from all those years ago.

After carefully considering all the recipes and what goes into making them, we were able to recreate my nani’s one-of-a-kind invention. The life of the party is back in town!

All components that have been used to replicate the original recipe have been curated carefully and contemplated thoroughly to ensure quality and flavour. This sweet delight is made with the ripest, juiciest gooseberries, homegrown and handpicked. Amla Murabba is delicious, fragrant, and nostalgic; it is the perfect addition to your meals to complete and make them wholesome.


Is Amla Murabba good for you? 

Gooseberries have 8 times more vitamin C than an orange, and around 17 times that of a pomegranate. They are the ultimate superfood. But apart from being used for its medicinal properties, they can make just about any bland dish super flavourful!

Isn’t it easy then, to include this fruit into our diet? Here is why Amla Murabba is a great, healthy and nutritious diet-balancer:

Loads of Vitamins

Get your daily dose of vitamins! This murabba is a treat for your taste buds while also ensuring you get the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C, E, and A

Cures digestive problems

It cures digestive problems such as constipation, indigestion and acidity since it is rich in fibre

Useful for menstruating women

Since it is a superfood, it is also extremely useful for menstruating women who suffer from cramping and abdominal pain. It provides relief by soothing the muscles

Keeps cholesterol levels in check

Be sure to include Amla Murabba in your daily diet to promote heart health. Since it controls cholesterol levels and is packed with antioxidants, it ensures healthy cardiovascular functioning

Benefits of Amla/Gooseberries

This tropical fruit has a flavour profile unlike any other ingredient: it has hints of savoury while overall it is sugary sweet, somehow also offering a sour aftertaste. The layers of flavour make having just one bit of gooseberries a wholesome experience – diverse yet versatile.

Amlas are known to be exceptionally beneficial for us: from skin and hair to the general well-being of our organs, this one fruit has numerous health benefits to offer. Here is a list of reasons why amla is so good for us:

Excellent nutritional profile

Just one cup of gooseberries contains protein, manganese, potassium, and Vitamins B6 and B5. These nutrients are known to provide energy: the enzymes in our body needs the vitamins to convert food into energy

Packed with Vitamin C

Ensuring good immunity, without having to rely on pills and tablets

Improves gut health

This fruit comprises a significant amount of dietary fibre which improves the movement in the gut, preventing constipation and irritable bowels

Accelerates fat burning

If you are keeping a check on your weight, do add amla to your diet since it accelerates fat burning and promotes the feeling of fullness

Rich in antioxidants

Gooseberries are extremely effective in fighting against cell damage and reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, and protect your brain from degenerative diseases

Manages blood sugar levels

Gooseberries possess some properties that assist in managing blood sugar levels. They consist of chlorogenic acid while slows down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, and so is linked to preventing diabetes, heart ailments, and so on

Promotes cardiovascular health

Amla is known to promote cardiovascular health. It reduces cholesterol levels and contains heart-friendly antioxidants, polyphenols and potassium while ensure the smooth functioning of the heart

Improves eye health

Daily consumption of gooseberries can also reduce cataract problems and generally improve eye health

Amla for hair and skin

Amla isn’t just great for digestive and cardiovascular health, in fact, it is one of the best natural ways to improve the condition of your hair and skin, without any harrowing side effects. Firstly, amla is a natural blood purifier that treats inflammation, thereby keeping pimples at bay and treating acne scars. It is also used as a mild exfoliant that removes dead skin cells; and because of its antioxidant properties, it helps fight wrinkles, pigmentation, crow’s feet, and fine lines. Amla for treating skin conditions is pretty common, however not many people know all the advantages it offers for hair health. Not only is it a natural conditioner but can also treat dandruff and cleanse the scalp.

Consuming amla regularly prevents premature greying and strengthens the hair, promoting faster hair growth.

What do you eat Amla Murabba with?

This little addition to your meals will completely change the flavour profile of the dish and give it a new, deeper dimension. Having Amla Murabba just on its own is probably one of our favourite ways to enjoy its special taste. However, you can also pair it with some of these quirky plates to get a unique combination:


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you are definitely going to enjoy this! Replace chocolate and syrups with some delightfully sweet amla murabba to enjoy this dessert breakfast, without compromising on any nutrition!

Fruit Salad

Enjoy a delicious dessert without cheating on your diet. Cut some of your favourite fruits – apples, bananas, kiwis, etc., and mix well with some murabba. This will give you the perfect after-meal sweet dish on a non-cheat day!


For when you have guests over! Along with the chips, serve some salsa, sour cream and just a dollop of amla murabba. This will give a familiar flavour an edgy twist that will instantly impress your guests


If you are bored of the same idli-coconut chutney combination, try something new, perhaps something sweeter. Along with your soft, seamless idlis, enjoy a bit of murabba for an easy-to-make dish possessing the palate of a five star

    We’ve got goosebumps just reminiscing the good old gooseberry days! But that doesn’t have to be a matter of the past anymore: order your jar of Amla Murabba today to experience again the innocent joy and unconditional love from the days of your childhood. Happiness is just a jar away!

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