Everything tastes better with pickles! Here’s why.

How would you describe the word ‘wholesome’? Would you say it’s a feeling, or rather a fleeting moment of pure, untouched happiness? 

‘Wholesome’ is a large table, packed with plates and bowls of overflowing comfort food, the aroma of the intricately made concoctions wafting the entire room, tingling your taste buds and creating a low rumble in your stomach. 

But no matter how delicious and stuffing the food is, it feels incomplete without mummy’s favorite side dish - pickle, or more lovingly known as achaar  (a condiment to some, but the hero of the dish to us).

It’s no exaggeration to claim that a sly little finger-lick along with a spoonful of the curry and rice elevates the taste of the dish and gives it a whole new flavor profile altogether.

But why does it feel like everything tastes so much better with pickles? It’s almost like when you sit down to have a meal and find out there’s no pickle, you feel like you’re eating bland food, totally devoid of life and love. 

However, you’re not dreaming- pickles do actually make food taste better, and there are several reasons behind it:

  1. For starters, making pickles is a craft, right from the first step that is procuring the spices and carefully blending them with the right oils and dried vegetables.

  2. The process of fermentation gives pickle its distinctive flavor that serves as the perfect balance of spicy, sour and bitter to have along with a meal. The diversity of flavors in a single bite is what makes the dish truly complete. It makes the meal finally wholesome.

  3. What makes everything all the more ‘whole’ is the nostalgia, the sentiment behind uncapping a jar, to be hit with the fragrance of home and happiness. To breathe in the aroma of the purest form of the emotion, a mother’s love.

They may not say it with their words, rather express their love through what they know best - making food that tells a story for centuries to come. 
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