Crispy Spicy Kachori

Crispy kachori with achaar and some chai - comfort food that makes any day better. Here is a simple recipe to make daal kachori with Molo's Red Chilli Pickle. 

Dough Ingredients:
‌2 cups All Purpose Flour
‌2 tbsp Ghee
‌2 tbsp Ajwain
‌Salt, to taste
‌Water, as required

1. In a bowl, add flour, ghee, ajwain and salt. Mix it up
2. Pour water little by little and start kneading a dough. Make sure not to knead too much but just until it all comes together
3. Keep aside for later

Filling Ingredients:
‌1 cup Moong Dal, soaked
‌2 tbsp Oil
‌1 tbsp Cumin Seeds
‌1 tsp Hing
‌1 tbsp Coriander Powder
‌1 tbsp Fennel Seeds
‌1 tbsp Red Chilli Powder
‌1 tbsp Chaat Masala
‌1 small piece of Jaggery
1 tbsp of Molo Bharwaan Laal Mirch Ka Achaar
‌Salt, to taste
‌Sugar, to taste

1. Soak Moong Dal for 3-4 hours and then blend it into a paste
2. In a pan, add oil, jeera and hing. Let it all sizzle
3. Then add the blended moong Dal paste and sautee it until all the water evaporates
4. Sprinkle all the spices one by one and let it all get nice and toasty.
5. Remove the mixture and let it cool down a bit
6. In a kadhai, heat oil for frying the kachoris
7. Take the small dough balls, make a cavity for the filling, seal it from top. Repeat until the dough and the filling is over
8. It's time for frying! Fry it on medium low flame until golden brown 

Putting it all together: 
1. Make a small hold in the middle of the kachori and add a dollop of Molo's Laal Bharwan Mirchi Aachar

2. Put the kachoris in a bowl and sprinkle with some finely chopped onions and coriander for garnish

Serve hot with some chutney and chai! 

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